Welcome to the website of author, photographer, and physicist R. John Anderson. I hope you find something that will brighten your day and give you hope—the hope which can be found in the Lord Jesus Christ.


As an author, R. John Anderson has written over twenty books on Christian faith and inspirational topics. His Rays of Hope booklets in particular have gone into jails and prisons to give hope to those who in many cases have nothing at all. Many of the men and women behind bars have had tough lives and have dealt with difficult and harsh circumstances—many since young childhood. I hope the books can give them a small glimpse of the hope that can be found in the Lord Jesus Christ, so they may come to know and abide in Him with the hope of eternal life.

As a photographer R. John Anderson has journeyed the world over to capture the natural beauty of God’s creation. Having traveled to many countries and continents in a span of over thirty years, he has seen the amazing artistry that can be found in all types of locations, from the glacial fjords of polar Greenland to the wild Serengeti plains in Tanzania to the rich rain forests of Costa Rica. Nature’s greatest natural beauty often lies in the harshest deserts, remotest wilderness, and sub-zero ice-covered regions.